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Residential Testing

Well Water
Municipal (City/County) Water;
Problem Water


Commercial & Compliant Testing

Public Water Systems
Water Treatment Dealers
Realtors & Mortgage Companies


Water Filter Products


Gas Drilling Testing

Test packages to test your water where gas drilling activities are going on in the area. Establish a baseline for your water quality prior to drilling. Without proof that your well water has diminished in quality, you have no legal recourse. Our kits are certified in the following gas drilling states: TX, OH, NY, PA.


Has your water recently changed? If any of the below conditions exist you need to test your water.

  • Has the area where your water well is located been flooded recently?
  • Do you suspect nearby oil & gas well drilling or mining has contaminated your groundwater?
  • Has your drinking water suddenly become cloudy or taste changed?
  • Have you heard news reports about pharmaceuticals being found in municipal water supplies?
  • Here are some common contaminants found in water samples AquaKnow tests:
  • Fecal coliform
  • Nitrates
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Heavy Metals

Safe Drinking Water for You and Your Family.

AquaKnow is partnered and affiliated with a private, independent laboratory that tests water on a nationwide...

Water Contamination.

Water contamination affects everyone, both private well owners and public water supplies (city and county water)...

What is Contamination?

Pure water (H20) consists of 11.1888% hydrogen and 88.812% oxygen by weight...

Where did this problem originate and why now?

Water pollution and contamination are issues that have been attracting more...

When is a contaminant considered harmful?

In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act, which authorized the EPA to establish safety levels...
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