Summary: Commercial water testing should be standard for all companies serving the public.

Imagine that all the world’s resources died away. Everything we relied on was gone. What would be the greatest asset to everybody? Whatever your answer is, water should be right at the top of the list. Through history, people have gone to great lengths to be able to obtain water. Life cannot survive without it, humans included. Thanks to modern technology, how we get our water is rarely considered. However, our water sources, which are supplied by surface and by ground water, are depleting and drastically changing.

Pollutants and by-products from agriculture, technology, and improper garbage disposal are contaminating our water supplies, resulting with harmful and even fatal results (eg: Flint, Michigan). Arsenic, e-coli and raw sewage are common occurrences in tested water. While little thought is given to these facts, the water you drink must undergo a thorough treating process before being consumed by the general public. Without property treatment, the water you drink can have harsh results.

Impure water used in commercial establishments can contaminate the items it comes in contact with as well as become a health hazard for those using and consuming it. Restaurants, for example, use large volumes of water daily, from cooking to cleaning. Imagine that a restaurant neglected to test their water regularly. A larger than usual rainfall can change the quality of their water, and bacteria such as e-coli, can immediately become present where it was not before. Now, imagine that this same restaurant washed their dishes, their counters and their uniforms in this contaminated water. This is aside from using it for mixing beverages and cooking. A tragedy such as this could permanently shut down the establishment. It can also become a fatal mistake.

Commercial water testing helps prevent this issues from occurring. Commercial water testing is a simple test that checks for the presence of microorganisms, disinfectants, disinfection by-products, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals and radionuclides. The tests will inform you if your commercial water is compliant with your local government standards and regulations.

A simple change in weather, or surrounding agriculture, will affect the quality of your water. It is important that regular testing be conducted on your water supply. Water testing is important, regular scheduled water testing is imperative.

Commercial water testing isn’t just for the benefit of compliance, it is for the benefit of your company and your customers. Contaminated water can drastically change the course of your company overnight. Do not let lack of this simple test become the detriment of your company. At AquaKnow, We Know Water. If contaminants are found in your commercial water, we can show you ways to eliminate the problem with as little disruption as possible to your business. After all, this is the one element that both you and your customers could not survive without.