Summary: How much do you really know about your water supply

Water is the one resource that we use on a daily basis. It is also the one resource that we cannot survive without. The average human will not live much longer than three days without water, and it only takes a few hours to notice the ill effects of dehydration. Aside from drinking it, water is used in everything from production to cleansing. Very little thought is given to the quality of the water being used or the effects that poor water quality will have on your life – but you should be in the know. Here are some scary statistics about the water we use every day.

  • In the United States, over 1.2 trillion gallons of water, including groundwater, industrial waste and raw sewage, is discharged into water bodies each year. When consuming water with these contaminates, there is a high risk of E.coli and bacterial poisoning. From improper construction management to aging and unmaintained pipes, raw waste is a constant concern.
  • There have been over 75 different types of pesticides found in groundwater. Groundwater is the source of water used in both agricultural and personal wells. If this water is not property tested and treated, then families drinking from these wells become directly affected with these industrial pesticides.
  • One quarter of the beaches in the United States are closed at least once a year due to water pollution. Over 40 percent of rivers and over 46 percent of lakes are too polluted for maintaining life or even safe swimming. As far as sustaining life, only 23 percent of the combined waterways are considered to be in “fair” condition and 21 percent are in “good” condition.
  • The Mississippi River, the second longest river in the United States, deposits approximately 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen into the Gulf of Mexico annually. This large volume of pollution creates a toxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico each summer that is about the same size of New Jersey.
  • Abandoned mines have polluted 40 percent of western rivers. Known toxins include arsenic, cadmium and zinc. River areas have been declared “dead’ as they can no longer support life. Legal procedures are preventing the majority of these leaking mines from being rectified.

It is easy to read facts and determine that they do not apply to you, but before you brush of hard evidence, consider this: an animal drinking contaminated water may not die. Animals can harbor this contamination and pass it onto the people who consume it. It can be in small amounts, but over time it can cause serious effects on the human body.

Snow and rain runoff, as well as rivers and streams, carry pollutions from one region to another. This runoff will help to supply the groundwater. As groundwater aquifers can store water for hundreds of years, these pollutions build up over time. What was a clean water supply can become more polluted than the surface water. Both water sources need to be tested to ensure that they are acceptable for human consumption.

It is imperative that you test your water supply regularly to ensure that your water is safe for both you and your family. Contact AquaKnow today for safe, reliable, efficient and affordable water testing kits. Don’t take your water quality for granted. Test you water and stay safe.