Of course, you want to know the chemicals and contaminants, whether harmful or good, that are in your water. Whether you are getting your water from a private well, or from the municipal supply, you need to be sure that the water is safe and clean. Whether you have specific concerns, or are just making sure, AquaKnow has a variety of water quality testing kits to make it all clear.

When you have concerns about the water, or are ready for your annual water check, the process is simple. First, determine what information you want the water sample kit to give you. Why are you getting the test? Do you just want to know, or do you need to provide the information to a regulatory body? Do you want to keep accurate records of your well’s operation for your peace of mind, or property resale? Perhaps you have specific concerns. Perhaps there has been recent flooding, or drilling in your area. Perhaps you live near an agricultural site, or a gas plant. Once you have determined why you need the water testing equipment, you will know what kinds of contaminants you want to test for and which water sample test kits you want to purchase. The water quality testing kits you choose should reflect your specific concerns, your water source and possible contaminates. In the city, you may want to test for heavy metals and disinfectants. If you have a private well, test for bacteria, arsenic, radon, barium, iron and manganese.

AquaKnow has water quality testing kits for a variety of purposes. We have well water testing kits that test the water in wells. If you are on a private well, there are no regulations, which require regular testing of the water, so you are responsible for ensuring the water is safe to drink. The EPA recommends testing your water at least once a year for bacteria and nitrates. The basic WaterCheck kit tests for 83 items, including bacteria, heavy metals and minerals, inorganic and volatile organic chemicals and for five physical characteristics. WaterCheck with pesticides adds pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides to that list. This water sample kit can test for most things that under concern.

If you are on city water supply, municipalities do regularly analyze the water based on regulations set by the Safe Water Drinking Act. Those tests are performed on the water that leaves their facility and not what comes through your faucet. Water quality changes because of natural fluctuations in the water source and the types of treatment techniques that the water department uses. Municipal water testing kits check the municipal water if you have concerns about it. These water quality testing kits look for the basic contaminants that may be possible in municipal drinking water supplies, including five metals/minerals, six inorganic compounds, four physical characteristics and 16 of the disinfectants and disinfection by-products.

Other water quality test kits at AquaKnow are more specific. Water quality testing equipment tests for the presence or absence of one, or a few, items only. Radon, or lead, bacterias or nitrates are some of the items tested for in the Quick Test water testing kits.

Gas drilling in your vicinity may be concerning you. AquaKnow has water quality testing kits to look specifically for items of concern. Gas drilling can cause environmental change to the area around your well. The basic items tested for in the Gas Drilling water testing kits are: Total Coliform Bacteria, E-Coli Bacteria, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), pH, Arsenic, Barium, Bromide, Chloride, Chromium, Foaming Agents, Iron, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Selenium, Silver, Sodium, Sulfate, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon, Methane and Ethane.

If you need advice on what kind of water sample kit you will need, you can ask the knowledgeable staff at AquaKnow who will be able to advise you. Once you have ordered and received your test, and the necessary water testing equipment, you just need to follow the instructions, fill all the bottles provided to you and return the test to the laboratory for analysis. You should receive your water testing kits via ground express within four business days. Some tests, such as the test for bacteria, require that you return the test water sample kit immediately as the sample must be tested within 24 hours. You will receive your test results in 10 to 12 days, although there is an option of having some of the less comprehensive tests returned to you in two or three days.

When you receive the results from the water quality test kits sent in to AquaKnow, you will find them easy to read and understand. You can see a sample of one completed test result page. The results are clear. You will see a list of all items tested for and a mark to let you know whether the item is present in below standard, standard, above standard or dangerously above standard.

Trust the laboratories at AquaKnow. We have the water testing equipment in their laboratories that will get you the answers you need as fast as possible.