The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are giving your family safe and clean drinking water is one very good reason to have your water analyzed by the water testing laboratories at AquaKnow. However, it is also important to monitor and keep records of the way that the well has been behaving and changing throughout its life. Proper well maintenance is an important part of providing clean safe water. Having the test done by the certified water testing labs gives you documentation and an analysis that can be easily read and understood by anyone. This documentation also shows the procedures that were followed. Don’t take shortcuts.

You should decide before you begin what and why you need to have the water tests performed, since AquaKnow’s water testing labs perform a variety of different tests on well water.  How will you use the information? Is it being performed as regular maintenance, or do you have a specific concern? Is the test from the water testing laboratories for your own use or is a regulatory agency requesting that you provide it? What will the results be used for? As soon as these questions are answered, you will know what tests to have done.

You may want your water tested just for your basic information, but the records and documentation that you will receive from the water testing laboratories will be valuable for many reasons. It is the only way you will be know if there have been quality changes.

Gas drilling, new industry or development, agricultural businesses or other things may enter your neighborhood and affect it. Keeping a record of the before and after condition of your well can be the only way that you can prove damage or negative effects from these changes. Another reason you will need a record of your well’s health is so that you can provide it to potential homebuyers when you are ready to sell your home. A buyer who is used to relying on the municipal water supply may be a little bit leery about suddenly becoming responsible for their own water; any information you can provide to put the buyer at ease will be a selling point.

The tests that can be done at the water testing labs analyze the water for nutrients and for contaminants. Any lab that you choose should be certified by the state you live in. The certified water testing laboratories follow approved procedures for the test. AquaKnow will be able to help you with your test each step of the way. Your job is simple, just select and purchase the proper test, follow the simple instructions on the kit to collect your sample and return it to the water testing labs for analysis and wait for the final report to come in the mail. With approved water testing labs, you can be sure that your test sample is thoroughly and accurately analyzed. AquaKnow partners with certified water testing laboratories in most US states and territories.


The water testing labs that AquaKnow works with are fast and convenient. We ship our kits the next business day and they will be in your hands in 2-4 business days. Most kits have a 7-10 day turnaround time after you return it. In some cases, the kits need to be shipped back to the lab very quickly after you perform the test.

The basic test that AquaKnow’s water testing labs provides is the WaterCheck and the WaterCheck with pesticides. The basic test checks for 83 items that include bacteria, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, physical factors, trihalomethanes and volatile organic chemicals. The WaterCheck with pesticides includes these things plus pesticides, herbicides and PCBs. Beyond the basic checks, AquaKnow also can provide you with tests done for specific purposes. If you just want to test for lead, for example, they have quick test kits. Gas drilling test kits are available from the water testing labs.

No matter which test you choose and perform, it will be returned to you from AquaKnow’s water testing laboratories with an indication of the presence of these items and in what quantity. They will report levels at below standard, minimum standard, above standard and dangerously above standard.  These will give you a reliable picture of your water quality. Having your water tested once per year at the minimum, and saving the reports to compare over the years will give you an even greater understanding.

You can rely on the water testing laboratories at AquaKnow to help you every step of the way, making it easy and convenient for you to test your drinking water. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer them. Whether your need is specific, or if you are merely checking, AquaKnow will give you a complete and accurate analysis of your drinking water within 7-10 days of your test.